28 Days of Gratitude

In my first post about gratitude, Gratitude is Sexy, I talked about a few of the many benefits practicing gratitude. Now, we’re going to put it all into action with a four-week gratitude challenge! The purpose of this challenge is twofold – to get into the habit of practicing daily gratitude and to discover which … More 28 Days of Gratitude

Gratitude is Sexy

I don’t know about you but I’m really good at being grateful in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. The rest of the year…not so much. I may have a fleeting thought of thankfulness for a sunny day or a particularly fun weekend with my family, but I am certainly not very intentional with being … More Gratitude is Sexy

Books About Nature

So far in this blog series we’ve covered how being in nature makes us better humans and how to make time for nature in each and every season. In this post I’ll share where I got my inspiration, as well as books I hope to read in the future and children’s books to inspire the … More Books About Nature

Making Time for Nature

Autumn has commenced, turning the leaves into vibrant shades red, orange, and gold around my home in the Pacific Northwest. I have enjoyed getting out and experiencing the crisp air as rainy season begins, but soon enough the precipitation will encourage many to hibernate from the outside world. In my last post, I shared how … More Making Time for Nature

Not Just a Picnic in the Park – How Being in Nature Makes Us Better Humans

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon’s largest city, with a population of around half a million people (in the 90’s when I was growing up). Though I grew up in the city, I had the advantage of being within two hours of such beauty as awe-inspiring Mount Hood, the glorious Columbia River Gorge, … More Not Just a Picnic in the Park – How Being in Nature Makes Us Better Humans

Moving Forward

After a three month hiatus, I am back. I was cruising along, writing my cutesy blog posts about blankets and coziness, and it was fun, but something admittedly felt a bit…off. I took pause to consider what I really wanted this blog to be about and discovered that my real passion is to write pieces … More Moving Forward