How to Have a Hygge Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited until now to frantically search for the perfect gift for mom.

This year, I encourage you to take a different approach – spend the time you would be spending roaming the shopping center at home, pondering what sort of experience you could give that special lady rather than a last-minute thoughtless mall find.

I would venture to say that most mom’s would prefer time with their kids or an experience that they will remember for years to come over any material item. After all, memories last a lifetime! Check out the tips below for some ideas on making the gathering and the gift extra special this year!

T H E  G A T H E R I N G

  • Opt for a potluck to take the pressure off mom to prepare a big meal, or better yet, prepare the meal all together as a family!
  • Consciously leave any drama and controversial family topics at the door. Make this experience a positive one!
  • If the weather is agreeable, go on a walk as a family or enjoy the sun with some lawn games in the backyard.
  • Decorate the place settings with lovely sprigs of lavender or rosemary.
  • Go around the dinner table and share why you’re grateful for your mom, what makes her special, and your favorite memories of times you’ve spent together.

T H E  G I F T 

Hygge is more about the experience than material items, so this mother’s day, give your mom time with you or an experience she’ll remember!

Allow Her to Take Some Time for Herself

  • Buy her a gift certificate for a day at the spa where she can pamper herself with a massage, facial, or mani-pedi.
  • Give her a basket with high-quality coffee or tea, and homemade pastries for breakfast for the next week.
  • Take her wine tasting and bring along some fancy cheeses to enjoy.
  • Pay for a class or lessons on something she’s always wanted to learn, such as how to play a certain instrument or how to speak another language.

Do something she really loves with her

  • Purchase some beautiful plants, herbs, or veggies and spend some time gardening with her.
  • Take her out for her favorite coffee or tea and peruse local stores with her.
  • Look up some trails local to your area and go on a hiking adventure.
  • Create a “passport” of top-rated restaurants, coffee shops, or wineries within driving distance and visit them together.
  • Bring over some popcorn and drinks and make a night of binge-watching her favorite TV show or movies together.
  • Go in with your siblings to purchase an Airbnb for a family weekend getaway.
  • Sign up for a yoga class to take together where you can both relax and decompress.
  • Reserve a room at a local karaoke bar and invite the whole family for a fun night out.
  • Purchase tickets for a special event, such as a concert, play, or sporting event for the two of you to enjoy together.


Take Something Off Her Plate

  • Hire a cleaning service to come in and tidy up for her.
  • Send her a gift certificate to Blue Apron to take away the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping.
  • Ask her for a list of errands you can run for her in the upcoming week.

These are just a few ideas, make sure you take the time to think about what type of experience your mom in particular would really enjoy. Here’s to a Happy and Hyggelig Mother’s Day for all!

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