10 Blankets Everyone Should Own

So far, this year the PNW has been in a torrent of rain, snow, hail, and every other kind of cold and drizzly weather. I’ve been wanting to just cuddle up with blankets and put on a good show with the rain tapping on our roof. Today is a GORGEOUS day, sunny and 60 degrees, but I haven’t put the blankets away! Blankets are good all year round and there are a few different types of blankets I think everyone should have because we all know it’s hard to experience hygge without blankets. Just because its not cold and gloomy outside doesn’t mean we can’t use them! Here’s a little list of ten blankets everyone should have.


1. The Take-Anywhere Blanket

I have a steel-blue fleece blanket that I take with me when I know I have a long car ride ahead, when I think I might need a blanket to cuddle up with at the library, and for general blanket emergencies (we all have those!). It’s nothing fancy, which is why I feel like I can take it anywhere. It was cheap and therefore easy to replace should anything happen to it. Everyone needs one of these just to keep around and throw in the backseat of the car or in a tote on the way out the door.

How to get a ‘take-anywhere’ blanket: Ross, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods are great stores to look for inexpensive throws. Or, if you’re more of the crafty type, here is an adorable DIY option!


2. The Quilt

Quilts are wonderful year-round blankets. They add an extra cozy layer to the myriad of blankets you top your bed with in the winter, and are the perfect single-layer blankets for the summer (I need the weight of a blanket in the summer even if it’s hot – I can’t stand sleeping with just a sheet!).

How to get a quilt: If you are really ambitious, you could make a quilt, but if you have no experience, I wouldn’t recommend it, they are very time consuming to make and require very detailed work! Luckily, there are lots of quilt shops out there that will make the quilts for you with their handy dandy long-arm sewing machines (warning: this can also be a bit spendy). The joy in this process is that it can be totally personalized to the fabric, size, and pattern you love. Just Google “long arm quilting service in [your city]” and call the shop to see what you need to do to get your very own quilt. Another option is to raid your local thrift shops for a previously-loved quilt!


3. The Picnic Blanket

Everyone needs a picnic blanket to have a hyggelig time in the spring and summer! The perfect picnic blanket should be durable, easy to transport, comfortable enough to sit on, easy to clean, and, ideally, waterproof on one side.

How to get a picnic blanket: I love this gorgeous waterproof herringbone picnic rug from The British Blanket Company. For our crafty readers, check out this DIY option with a self-containing pocket!


4. The Fur Blanket

Do I even need to convince you on this one? Fur blankets are soft, luxurious, and aesthetically pleasing. Curl up with your warm fur blanket, a box of Turkish Delights, and some candles, and sit back like you’re in Narnia before Aslan comes back (have you seen the fur coats in that movie??).

How to get a (faux) fur blanket: Check out West Elm’s Faux Fur Ombre Throw and Urban Outfitter’s Faux Lamb Fur Throw


5. The Wool Blanket

This is another multi-seasonal necessity. Wool blankets provide great insulation, are durable, and are natural fire retardants. They are a must-have for any camping trip as they take the edge off a frosty night outdoors. The same goes when you have the chills of a fever. They can get a little spendy, but Grandma or Aunt Melba probably have one stored in the attic or in the back of a closet somewhere so be sure to check with them first! Antique/second-hand stores may also carry more reasonably priced wool blankets.

How to get a wool blanket: If you would like to buy new, I recommend perusing Pentleton’s whole website, they have countless options for beautiful wool blankets!


6. The Crochet Blanket

This is another one that you could probably snag from grandma’s house, or you could make your own! Crochet blankets provide a special touch of nostalgia to your evening and are also great for layering in the winter.

How to get a crochet blanket: Many Etsy shops offer cozy crochet blankets, such as Ozetta (pictured above), Dapper Cat Designs, and Luvmyblanket.


7. Electric Blanket

You know those nights when you are chilled to the bone and no amount of blankets, socks and scarves can overcome it? Enter electric blanket. These guys are sure to warm you up to your very core.

How to get an electric blanket: Most mainstream retailers offer a selection of electric blankets, including Target, Kohl’s and Macy’s, and they are usually on sale in the spring and at Christmastime. Make sure you get the size you want – you can get a throw or one to fit your bed!


8. Chunky Knit Blanket

How cute are chunky knit blankets??? They are like giant sweaters. I love how the look draped at the end of the bed but even more I love how they feel. I prefer to really sweater-it-up by wearing a sweater as I sit huddled in my sweater-like blanket. I don’t think you can ever have enough sweater.

How to get a chunky knit sweater: Again, Etsy is the perfect place to find a gorgeous chunky knit blanket. Try browsing these shops: JennysKnitCo (pictured above), Ohhio, and KnitCoutureCo.


9. Mexican Falsa Blanket

Another great summer option, these blankets are durable and easy to transport (hint: you could use one of these as your take-anywhere blanket!). Use it to sit on as you do yoga, lay it down at the beach, or cover a picnic table with it!

How to get a Mexican falsa blanket: Both Mntn & Moon and Six and Grand sell falsa blankets that are handwoven by artisans in Mexico!


10. The Mermaid Blanket

The ultimate cuddle-up-on-the-couch-and-read blanket, mermaid blankets provide a cocoon to help you stay cozy for hours on end. You’ll also just feel better about yourself being a mermaid for a couple of hours 🙂

How to get a mermaid blanket: Once again, Etsy to the rescue! There are so many color and material options, but here are some of my favorites: MamaSherryKnitShack (pictured above, photo credit: instagram @steviepants), JoellaCrochet, and tarascozycreations. And if you crochet, here is a free pattern so you can make a mermaid blanket yourself!

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